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AEA - New VNA Site Analyzer & SWR Site Analyzer

Base Camp Connect - BCC EM Emergency Manager's Rapid Deploy Kit

Base Camp Connect BCC LITE Portable Rapid Deploy Kit

Base Camp Connect Case Study Montreal Police Department

Base Camp Connect NEW BCC LITE!

BTECH Battery Monitoring & Management Systems

BTECH CellQ 1 Battery Monitoring System

BTECH CellQ 2 Battery Monitoring System

BTECH S5 Series Battery Monitoring & Validation System

Cobham / Aeroflex 3920B analog and digital radio test platform

Cobham / Aeroflex 3920B analog and digital radio test platform data sheet

Cobham / Aeroflex 3920B Interactive Courseware

Cobham / Aeroflex 8800SX Basic Transceiver Tests

Cobham / Aeroflex 8800SX digital radio test set

Cobham / Aeroflex 8800SX digital radio test set DATA SHEET

Cobham / Aeroflex Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Radio Test Sets

COBHAM /TRX systems NEON signal mapper

Deviser E7062B SignalPROFILER (9 kHz - 6 GHz)

Deviser E7100B Cable & Antenna Analyzer (2.2 MHz - 6.1 GHz)

Deviser E8600B Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz - 6 GHz)

Deviser Instruments Broadband / Cable TV Solutions

Deviser Instruments Ethernet / Telecom Solutions

Deviser Instruments Fiber Optics Solutions

Deviser Instruments Railway Solutions

Deviser Instruments Wireless Solutions

EM Wave Antennas

EM Wave DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) Antennas

EM Wave e/m-Flex Poly Spring VHF-UHF Antennas

EM Wave Multi-Band Antenna Systems

EMP Solutions Inc Lightning Suppressors

OnScene Technology mobile digital DVR platforms

Quick Site Testing with the Cobham / Aeroflex 8800SX

RCA two-way radios; conventional, DMR, & P25 portables, mobiles, and repeaters; analog & digital simulcast solutions; DMR & P25 trunking systems

Simoco XD DMR Tier II & Tier III Digital Portables, Mobiles & Base Stations

Simoco XD DMR Tier III Trunked Radio Solutions Data Sheet

STI Field Test 7 (Geographic Signal Coverage Mapping Software) for use with the Cobham / Aeroflex 3920B, 3550R, and 8800SX radio test sets

Survey Technologies, Inc. (STI) Geographic Signal Coverage & Signal Strength Acquisition Solutions

TRX Systems NEON Signal Mapper with the 8800SX

CPRA / Southern California Chapter of APCO
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Jack Hoffman Associates is a telecommunications manufacturers representative corporation providing service, support, and marketing solutions for the BEST IN RF technology. It is our obligation to provide our clients with the most advanced high quality solutions available in the telecommunications industry today. After all, our customers are our number one priority.

Our Industry Involvement

Membership in Relevant Organizations:

  • APCO - Association of Public Safety Communications Officers
  • CPRA - California Public Safety Radio Association
  • CMA - Communications Marketing Association - We were the proud receipients of the AEROFLEX Rep of the Year AWARD 2005 at CMA
  • NAB - National Association of Broadcasters
  • NARTE - National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

We were the proud receipients of Aeroflex's Rep of the Year Award 2005 at CMA

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